Using the same decorations year after year can start to get a little repetitive, and it’s nice to switch it up from time to time.

Get creative with your Christmas decorations this year and start mixing up your styles.

In this guide, we provide some inspiration for transforming your home into a holiday wonderland with the year’s top decoration ideas.

Outdoor Decorations

For many, decorating the outside of the house is just as important as the inside. Some love outdoor Christmas figures, such as rattan reindeer or a blow-up Santa on the front lawn. Others prefer the traditional lights and wreaths that add a subtle touch of Christmas and a festive atmosphere outside the home. Decorating the outside of your house can require a lot more time and effort, and some prefer just to stick with household garlands and fairy lights. But, incorporating outdoor decorations can make a home stand out and spread holiday cheer to the entire neighbourhood.


The minimalist trend continues to influence Christmas décor in 2023. With modern and muted tones dominating interior design, there’s a growing preference for minimalist Christmas decorations that complement the home’s existing palette. This trend emphasizes simplicity and elegance, using understated decorations to create a serene and sophisticated holiday environment. It reflects a shift towards less is more, focusing on quality and style rather than quantity.


Christmas scents fill the air of homes and shops from November 1st, as pine needles, cinnamon sticks, and oranges reign supreme in candles and decorations. Drying oranges is a delightful and nostalgic trend that is making a comeback this year. They were once a classic stocking filler, but now dried oranges are being creatively used in wreaths and as unique tree decorations. This trend not only adds a touch of traditional charm but also brings a natural, aromatic element to holiday decor. The warm, citrus hues of oranges add a fresh and organic feel to festive decor.


Mushrooms are one of the most distinctive Christmas trends for 2023. From sparkly to glass and textured varieties, mushrooms add a whimsical and unusual element to Christmas trees and other holiday decorations. This trend stands out for its uniqueness and playful nature, offering a quirky twist to traditional Christmas themes. Funky fungi decorations inspire a playful sense of enchantment to the festive season.

In conclusion, Christmas 2023 brings a blend of traditional and modern trends, from the rustic charm of outdoor figures to the sophisticated minimalism of interior décor. The use of natural elements like oranges and the playful inclusion of mushrooms reflect a diverse range of styles catering to different tastes. These trends offer fresh and exciting ways to celebrate the festive season, adding a personal and contemporary touch to holiday decorations.

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