Welcome to our whirlwind tour of Durham and beyond, designed with the bustling family in mind! We’ve scouted the area to bring you a treasure trove of activities that promise to entertain, educate, and exhaust (in a good way!) children aged 6-9. So, buckle up as we dive into the heart of County Durham and unearth the gems that await your family’s discovery.

Step Back in Time at Beamish Museum

Ever wondered what life was like in the Northeast during the bustling industrial era or the tranquil countryside of the 1820s? Beamish Museum is your time machine! This open-air museum brings history to life with its immersive experiences that are as educational as they are entertaining. It’s a chance for the kiddos to see history beyond the pages of their textbooks.

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Northeast Adventures Await!

North East Family Fun isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s your go-to guide for activities sprinkled across the region. From the sandy shores of Roker and Seaburn Beaches to the interactive displays at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle, adventure is always just around the corner. And for nature enthusiasts, Auckland Castle Park offers endless outdoor exploration. Check out their guide-style website for all the fun activities going on throughout the North East of England.

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The Charms of Durham City Centre

Durham City Centre is a hive of activities that cater to curious minds and little explorers. The majestic Durham Cathedral and the quaint Palace Green Museum offer a peek into the region’s rich history, while the Riverside Walks present nature at its tranquil best. For the little readers and crafters, Clayport Library is a haven, and let’s not forget the cinematic magic awaiting at Odeon and Gala.

A Sprinkle of Seasonal Fun

Whether it’s the lush Winter Gardens and Museum in Sunderland or the hands-on exhibits at the Centre for Life, there’s no shortage of seasonal delights. And when the great outdoors calls, Hamsterley Forest and Adventure Valley stand ready to answer, offering everything from leafy walks to adrenaline-pumping activities.

Membership Marvels: National Trust and Historic Houses

Unlock a treasure chest of experiences with a National Trust or Historic Houses membership. Imagine roaming the gardens of Alnwick Castle or getting lost in the maze at Crook Hall—these memberships are your all-access pass to history, beauty, and adventure.

Just For Kicks: Paid Attractions

When you’re ready to take things up a notch, Durham’s paid attractions offer exhilarating experiences. From the high-flying fun at Infinite Air Trampoline Park to the aquatic wonders at Ocean Park South Shields, there’s something to make every child’s eyes sparkle with excitement.

So there you have it, parents of County Durham and beyond! Whether you’re planning a sunny day out or looking for a cozy indoor escape, our region is brimming with options to keep the young (and the young at heart) entertained. Let’s make those childhood memories magical, shall we? Happy exploring!

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