Many people head to Durham during the summer, and for good reason, it is a lovely place to visit during the warmer months.

However, Durham has a unique charm during the winter months, and it can also be a lot quieter! So, what are some of the best things to do in Durham on a winter escape? Keep reading for a few of the best ideas for your trip here. 

Take a Spa Day

What better way to escape the wintery weather than an indulgent spa day!? Durham is home to many excellent luxury spa hotels offering treatments that will help you unwind, rejuvenate, and recharge after a few days of exploring the city. There is something special about saunas, swimming, and massages in the winter months that make a spa day an essential on your trip to Durham.

Check Out the Nightlife

Durham has a lively and vibrant nightlife, which can be great fun and a way to meet the locals (they are always very friendly up here and will always be out, no matter the weather!). Whether you are into pubs, bars, or clubs (or all three!), finding great spots for a few drinks in town is not hard. A few of the top-rated establishments include:

  • Durham Brewery
  • Half Moon Inn
  • Tin of Sardines (gin bar)
  • The Station House
  • Klute
  • Loft Durham

There are also lots of excellent restaurants to try here, catering to all tastes. A few of the best places to eat include:

  • Cosy Club
  • The Curious Mr. Fox
  • Flat White Kitchen
  • The Rabbit Hole

Hire a Campervan

Durham is also surrounded by beautiful English countryside, so you will want to get out and explore these areas. Camping in winter is not much fun, but a campervan can provide the warmth and comfort of a hotel on wheels! Just make sure you take out campervan insurance before your trip for financial protection against various risks, including accidental damage. There are numerous campsites near Durham where you can set up with easy access to the city.

Go on an Adventure 

Following this, there are lots of places for an adventure in and around Durham. Durham Castle is a must-visit as a striking Norman castle that University College Durham occupies – you can have a guided tour that will teach you all about this fascinating castle. Derwent Waterside Park is another place for a fun adventure with the chance to enjoy rewarding walks/hikes, bike rides, picnics, fishing, water sports, and more. 

These are just a few things that you can do on a winter excursion to Durham. There is something special and charming about Durham during the colder months of the year, and it is also a time that is a lot quieter! You are sure to have a fantastic experience here with plenty to see and do, no matter the weather. 

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