At this time of year, the not for profit charity, EmbraceAbility, would usually be throwing some beach-side boogies to raise funds.

They are a small charity of volunteers supporting children with disabilities on Koh Dach Island, or Silk Island, in Cambodia. Due to COVID-19, fundraising events have had to be put on hold. Therefore, they have come up with a new fundraising initiative to make the days more exciting and for everyone to enjoy.

EmbraceAbility is thrilled to reveal their Spices from Silk Island Spice Box. Inside, you will find 4 delicious Cambodian recipes and 3 spices used on the island. Recipes include Lemongrass Chicken Skewers and a luscious Samla Curry, and each recipe has a vegetarian alternative. You can use the promotional code [INSERT CODE] to get [INSERT REDUCTION].

Here’s what one review says: “I really enjoyed the recipes! The spices came in decent quantities and reusable jars which were neatly presented. Great value and a wonderful cause to support!”

Cook Delicious Meals For Charity With Spices From Silk Island

EmbraceAbility is currently the only service provider for children with disabilities on Silk Island. The absence of healthcare services and the stigma people with disabilities face means that many children are excluded from school. In response to this, they are opening the first Daycare Centre of its kind that will support disabled children. It will be an inclusive space for children to obtain an education, therapy sessions, sports like jiu-jitsu, and two nutritious hot meals and a snack every day. It will also ensure that female carers and siblings do not take on a care role at the expense of their education or employment.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the people of Silk Island profoundly. As of 11th August 2020, Cambodia has a total of 266 cases and no deaths. Whilst this places Cambodia as the 177th most affected country, the economic impacts of the pandemic have been especially hard on people living in Cambodia. Most notably, families living in poverty are losing their already limited income as jobs across all sectors are affected, and access to affordable health services is significantly reduced. As resource scarcity increases, EmbraceAbility is even more committed to making sure the families have the supplies, food and safe drinking water they need. It is their aim to alleviate the negative effects of COVID-19 as far as possible for those families affected by issues of disability and poverty.

All proceeds go to EmbraceAbility and will provide two nutritious hot meals and a snack for a child at the Daycare centre.

To get your own Spice Box, or for more information, visit:

Cook for a cause by buying a Spice Box today!

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