Neptune in The Market Place - Poem by Danny Metcalfe
Neptun statue in the Market Square

Neptune in The Market Place

The sound of the Accordion and the harmonica
greeted me at the ancient bridge, splendid and ideal…
People and students raced by in a hurry, neither alive or dead.
I poked my head over the side of the bridge
seeing The River Wear open its cosmic mouth,
Swallowing the mercies of delicate hearts.

The Dun Holm castle stares down and crowns the landscape.
I walk the cobbled stones with feet hard and nimble…
And in the Market Place Neptune stands firm in his square.
The sea-nymphs come daily to pay their respects.
They wait for the rain and the incensed tempests
Strangling the neck of air.
The crowds who in the sea of their minds swim
Towards an unsettled shore,
Neptune gives them guidance.

I rummaged around a bookshop searching for nothing in particular
And sat upon the floor with a book between light and shadow and entered
the Amorphic country.
My soul in a peaceful state.
Nevertheless, I remained in the visible world.
Outside I hear a busker sing…with a hat full of change
And a voice that lingers.
I finished with the book and walked the narrow streets, my eyes shining
Under an overcast sky, rumbling with intent.
Young students chattered amongst themselves, bored and dreaming…

I walked by the river under Framwellgate bridge,
the green of leaves and brown of wood occupying my senses.
Joggers speeded past, dazed and panting…
Rain began to drizzle
And Mermaids bobbed their heads upon the surface of the river, curious and cautious…
Then thunder showed its face.

I ran back over the ancient Bridge, up the cobbled hill
And into the Market Place where Neptune with foot on Fish
Held the weather in his hands.

Written by: Danny Metcalfe

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