Application Submitted to Build Durham Accommodation for 850 Students

A plan has been submitted to Durham County Council to build accommodation for 850 students. The development would be built by the Banks Group on land that used to be a golf course.

The site, at Mount Oswald, already has planning permission for student accommodation, 291 homes, a convenience store and a doctor’s surgery. The blocks to house the 850 students would be built in addition to all this and would be constructed on land at the northern edge of the site.

Application Submitted to Build Durham Accommodation for 850 Students
The Mount Oswald Site Used to Be a Golf Course

The proposed development would be made up of 11 buildings, which would include two, three and four storey structures.

To the east of the Mount Oswald site lies land owned by Durham University. The university plans to use this land as the site for a new college, which will meet the needs of students who will move from Stockton to Durham.

1700 students will be transferred from Durham University’s Stockton campus to Durham City as part of a plan to revamp the university and make it one of the world’s best. This plan includes the aim of increasing total student numbers by 4000 by 2027.

The Banks Group said, “The central location of the (Mount Oswald) site, its proximity to other relevant facilities and the existing local infrastructure make it highly suitable for this type of project and we hope the members of Durham County Council’s planning committee will be minded to agree with us on this.” 

The Banks Group claims that work on the Mount Oswald site will create 164 permanent jobs, 120 construction jobs and 100 supply chain jobs.

The Banks Group also states that the development could boost Durham’s retail sector by £3.4 million each year and provide the council with millions in extra revenue through council tax and the New Homes Bonus.

Application Submitted to Build Durham Accommodation for 850 Students
1000 students could be accommodated in total at the Mount Oswald site


Jane Robinson, Durham University’s chief operating officer, said, “We are undergoing a legal procurement process to appoint a private partner to develop land that we own at Mount Oswald into a new student college with 1000 residential places.”

“The Banks Group have approached us with their intention to submit outline planning permission to develop adjacent land at Mount Oswald, which will be for student accommodation for 1000 residential places.”

“The university has been discussing these proposals with the Banks Group, which are at a very early stage and have yet to be considered through the statutory planning process, which will involve public consultation.”

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