On Sunday 1st March 2020, Unleashed Events are unleashing Durham Comic-Con, with a wizard, a doctor and a traveller of the universe to greet you!

Chris Rankin, off Harry Potter, wants “to see all you witches, wizards and muggles there, bring your wands and robes. I look forward to meeting every single one of you very soon! I will be doing autographs, selfies and photo ops; come and chat and ask me as many questions as you like!”

Colin Baker, the old Doctor Who with the big scarf, and fellow actor Clem So will be there to tell you what it is like to be involved in a film, if they met Harvey Weinstein, and how it really feels to be famous for being someone who doesn’t exist.

There will selfie ops with Jaws the shark, who will swallow you whole and make you wish you had a bigger boat. Blue, the female Velociraptor from Jurassic World, will be looking for prey (it’s you), as will the scream harvesting Monsters Inc duo Sully and Mike. You love it when a plan comes together, so of course the A-Team will escape from a maximum security stockade to be at the event.

There’ll be retro gaming, an inflatable shooting-range, three-dimensional printing, comic creators and authors showing off their work, and Rebel Legion will be coming in a selection of Star Wars costumes.
People in costume can enter the Cosplay competition and win some fantastic prizes! To top it off, there will be geeky traders with tons of geeky toys, comics, collectables, art, jewellery, gaming and maybe even much more!

Sharon Hall, a spokesperson for Unleashed Events, says “After lots of requests we are very pleased to be bringing our comic-con event to Durham, and we are so looking forward to bringing Chris, Colin and Clem along to meet their fans. As well as the awesome guests we have some amazing traders and attractions to see. If you have never been to a comic-con before then you will find it to be an absolutely fantastic day out for all the family whether you are geeky or not!”

Still not sure what a comic-con is and why is it such fun?

Initially, comic-cons focused on comic books & culture, but now they cover all modern entertainment, especially gaming, and provide a place for geeks to be cool. A comic-con is an escape from reality where pop culture, sci-fi, superheroes, zombies, and fantasy elements can be experienced all in one room, with specialist traders selling all manner of uncommon art and collectables. People of all ages can come along in home made or professional costumes, because why not?

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