The Kickstart programme is set to help local young people into the job market by giving them 6 months of workplace experience whilst they receive financial support.

A 600-year-old school in the heart of Durham has recruited nine Kickstart candidates as of April 2021, in areas ranging from Marketing, Publication and Design, to Estate Maintenance. Due to Covid-19, there have been high levels of unemployment across the UK, especially for young people with limited work experience.

Ethan Yuille, who has been taken on as the development and communications assistant, says, “It means more than a regular job, as they are helping you as much as you are helping them. Not only are we developing transferable skills, but they are also providing us with knowledge to help us navigate the job market in the future.”

You must be between the ages of 16-24 and receive financial aid from Universal Credit to take part in the Kickstart programme.

Durham School Kickstart Programme Providing Career Opportunities To Young People
Durham School Kickstart Programme Providing Career Opportunities To Young People

Maja Kobylak is the newly appointed publications and design assistant and she said, “It is a great opportunity to develop skills in an area which I am interested in. Nice to also be around other young people in the same position.”

Joining the Estates Team as a maintenance assistant, Charlie Yates said, “The Kickstart program is quite a good reintroduction to work as its 25 hours a week. It’s good that the government are providing opportunities like this, as other opportunities out there are not as good as this.”

The Headmaster of Durham School, Kieran McLaughlin, said, “For myself and as a school we are very pleased to offer such an opportunity to young people, especially in these difficult times. We received a phenomenal number of applications and believe that the nine individuals are brilliant additions to our school community. It’s lovely to have such young, skilled and qualified people working here, inputting on what we do and developing different skill sets.”

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