Rescue Mission for Lucky Lad: RSPCA and Firefighters Work Together
Lucky Lad

Lucky Lad, a bull, failed to live up to his name when he got trapped in a drain ditch in Crook, Durham.

Despite efforts by his owner and the RSPCA, Lucky Lad remained stuck, prompting the need for specialist equipment to be brought in.

The animal charity was contacted by the bull’s owner after he fell into the drain on his field in Crook, Durham, on Tuesday (18 April). Despite their efforts to help him, his owner contacted the charity when it became apparent that specialist equipment would need to be used to help not-so-Lucky Lad.

RSPCA inspectors Rachael Hurst and Terri Ann Fannon arrived at the scene – and quickly realised they’d need the help of the fire service to move the 15-year-old Dexter bull.

Rachael said: “Lucky Lad had managed to fall into a drainage ditch and was unable to get up. His owner was quite worried as he started frothing at the mouth and his eyes were rolling back into his head. He was also exhausted and weak after trying to free himself.

“Sometimes with rescues like this, we work together with the fire service as they have equipment which we don’t carry. Luckily the fantastic fire and rescue crew had animal straps which they used to barrel roll Lucky Lad out of the ditch.

“A vet from Dunelm Vets, in Durham, also attended and checked him over. He was a bit shaken after his ordeal but thankfully unharmed – so this was another great example of what we can all achieve together for animal welfare.”

Firefighters also highlighted the importance of working together to help the bull.

A spokesperson from County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were called to assist in the rescue of the bull who unfortunately had become stuck in a drainage ditch. Our crew used their specialist knowledge and equipment to roll the bull and move him to safety. We’d like to thank all agencies in attendance who worked together to deliver the best possible outcome for the bull and the bull’s owner. We wish Lucky Lad a speedy recovery.”

The RSPCA urges anyone who sees an animal which needs rescuing to consult the charity’s website for advice on what to do, and who can help.

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