Richard Holden MP was invited to visit Reed in Partnership, a recruitment firm that actively assists long-term unemployed individuals in securing employment opportunities in our region.

This visit is timely, given the recent release of robust employment statistics indicating a significant increase in the number of full-time employed individuals in North West Durham compared to a decade ago. Moreover, the North East region demonstrated the most substantial decrease in unemployment rates across the UK in the past year.

The hard work of people like those at Reed in Partnership, who help long-term unemployed into work is absolutely necessary if we are to see this optimistic trend continue. As well as benefitting the local economy, improving services and reducing crime, if people are helped into work, they can improve their health, develop their skills and fulfil their potential.

Following Richard’s jobs and apprenticeships fair in Consett, work like this at Reed in Partnership keeps the momentum going all in the right direction.

Richard Holden MP Visits Reed in Partnership to Discuss Sustainable Employment Solutions
Richard Holden MP laughing with Business Manager Lindsey Chapman

Commenting, Richard Holden MP said:

“Thanks to Sharon Young, Anna Warner and Lindsey Chapman for inviting me to have a look around.

“Getting local people into work and especially into high-skill, high-wage jobs is at the core of what I want to see happening in North West Durham. It improves physical and mental health as well as helping individuals their families and our community.

“It is fantastic to see Reed in Partnership singing from the same hymn sheet by doing so much to help with this right here in North West Durham – especially helping get people who have often just lost the confidence to get into work into sustainable employment.”

Tony Mace, Programme Director for the Restart Scheme North East & Humber at Reed in Partnership, said:

“We were delighted to welcome Richard Holden MP to our office in Consett to show him how the Department for Work and Pensions Restart Scheme has been supporting local unemployed people into sustainable employment.

“The service has been running since July 2021 and offers personal, expert support to help jobseekers to reach their employment goal. This includes help with looking for work, health and wellbeing support, skills training and interview practice.

“The difference that a meaningful, lasting job can have on a person’s life is significant – we are proud to be working collaboratively with organisations and employers around Consett to offer new hope to lots of local jobseekers.”

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