Ways To Diversify Your Video Marketing Content For Different Platforms
Video Marketing

Marketers are tapping into the limitless potential of video content to connect with their audiences.

Videos are an engaging medium, offering an immersive experience that still images and text simply cannot rival. 

However, to maximise impact, it’s not enough to merely create compelling video content. It must also be optimised for different platforms with unique audiences, features, and constraints. People don’t have the patience or attention spans to sit through content they don’t like for long, so perfection is key here. 

Below we detail the practical ways marketers can diversify their video content for various platforms, enhancing viewer engagement and brand recognition. Read on if you’d like some ideas.

Know Social Media Niches

In today’s digital era, diversifying your video marketing content for different platforms is more vital than ever. After all, each social media channel presents unique opportunities and constraints regarding the video content format, requiring marketers to adapt their approach accordingly.

YouTube, for instance, supports long-form videos, providing an excellent space for webinars, product demonstrations, and detailed tutorials. The platform offers a 16:9 aspect ratio option, which is perfectly suited for widescreen displays. Though they’ve tried to dabble in short-form videos with YouTube shorts, TikTok will likely pip them to the post there for the foreseeable future. 

Facebook and Instagram join TikTok in showcasing shorter, attention-grabbing videos optimised for mobile viewing with their vertical (9:16) format. To navigate these diverse formats effectively, your marketers must re-edit or repurpose their content to ensure it delivers the intended message without compromising its integrity.

Crop Videos Effectively

Optimising videos for different platforms often involves reformatting video size and aspect ratios, which can be daunting. However, the right tool can make it simpler and more manageable. 

One such tool is Adobe Express’s free tool for cropping videos online. The video cropper supports numerous aspect ratios, perfect for preparing content for various social media platforms. None of the quality is lost in the process. You could crop video in seconds by choosing from a handful of preset sizes. Downloads are instant too. 

Remember, cropping isn’t just about fitting your video to different platforms—it’s also about focusing on the most important elements in your frame. By effectively using Adobe Express’s video cropper, you can ensure that your main message doesn’t get lost amidst the other details in the video. It allows for more creative control, enabling marketers to emphasise certain elements and create a more focused, engaging viewer experience. You may even need to crop out something unsuitable that crept into the frame, too. Regardless of the situation, flexibility to change things is essential! 

Exploiting Unique Features of Each Platform

To truly diversify your video marketing content, understanding and exploiting the unique features of each platform is crucial. For instance, Instagram offers features such as Stories, IGTV, and Reels, each requiring distinct video formats and content styles. 

On the other hand, LinkedIn’s professional audience might be more receptive to industry-related webinars or informative content; thus, long-form videos might perform better.

Moreover, marketers should consider each platform’s video autoplay and sound options. While Facebook auto-plays videos on mute, Instagram videos auto-play with sound (though these rules can be subject to change sometimes). Thus, the video content must be compelling enough to encourage users to unmute on one platform, while ensuring the audio isn’t intrusive on another.

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