Tattooing and Piercing are all the Fashion in Durham, and elsewhere.

Tattoos and Piercings in Durham
Tattoos and Piercings in Durham

As one who can claim to be a sufferer of trypanophobia, which is a fear of needles and injections, I am often struck with awe at seeing some of the tattoos on display almost daily, and facial piercing gives one the creeps – sorry guys, no offence intended. So, it is with wonder that I observe the current trend in body adornment that seems to be sweeping the City and across the rest of the Country.

There was a time when ocean going sailors would have a tattoo, or two, added to their arms often showing a touch of homesickness, the classic ‘Mum and Dad’, or displaying their personal call to arms – many ex-servicemen and women proudly carry their regimental, or similar, badge displayed throughout the rest of their lives. Men would tattoo the name of their wife or lover on their skin entwined with hearts and symbolic additions, ‘Love you for ever’ etc., causing consternation when noticed by some later flame. The larger the tattoo the more the pain on removal.

The movement to larger scale body tattoos seems to have been given a nudge by certain pop stars and footballers who display some striking designs. Some of the stars carry entire body tattoos and other adornments that have an appeal to local youngsters who wish to emulate them.  A friend who is, according to him, tattooed from his neck line to his ankles and wrists his adornment he says it is cool, the mind does boggle. Body adornment goes back to Ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultures, so our friends parading around town with navel to navel tattoos are in reality just following an ancient tradition.

Facial piercings appear to have a different appeal. True, they can be removed when their appeal wanes, but for hormonal youngsters they may cause a shocked reaction in observers by design. However, mass penetration of the face, and elsewhere I understand, seems a touch masochistic, and to the uninformed observer has the effect of making the skin less attractive and the person appear more extreme, maybe that is the point?

It is truly all about choice. One wonders though what happens when folks become bored of some of the more lurid graphics, especially facial ones? What is it going to cost in surgery and money to have them removed? Ouch!

The human skin is the largest organ in the human body. As a lover of fine art one takes delight in the artistic representation of the human form, human skin is a naturally glorious phenomena. Also, our skin naturally displays so much of our human condition, health and wellbeing, for that reason only this tryamophobic individual prefers to keep well clear of those darned needles.

There are three tattoo shops in Durham City. Safe and hygienic tattooing and piercing is essential to have a good experience of getting a ‘tat’ or a stud.

For me, I think I will have a cuppa and keep my skin as nature intended, thanks all the same, anyway the last time I was cool was when Elvis was King.



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