Dom Joly off Trigger Happy TV will be at the Gala Theatre on Tuesday 25th February with his comedy show, ‘The Danger Zone’, to share stories of his holidays in North Korea, Cambodia, Syria, Chernobyl, and his childhood home in the Lebanon. There will be a holiday snap slideshow.

The tour is pitching Dom’s new book, The Hezbollah Hiking Club, which is about Dom and two friends hiking across the Lebanon, from the Israeli border to the Syrian border.

Since Trigger Happy TV, which was sold to 70 countries, Dom’s three travel books have kept him in business.

Robin Byers informed: “Dom Joly has always been a popular hit with audiences thanks to his sketches, stories and comedic antics in broadcast and in writing. With a Dave Gorman-esque assemblage of clips, holiday snaps, funny stories and more, comedy-lovers won’t want to miss this night of quality stand-up.”

Tickets are priced at £18 and can be bought from Gala Theatre’s Box Office. There will be a chance for you to get autographs from Dom after the show on all the merch you just bought; you know the drill.

To book, call the Box Office on 03000 266 600 or visit for more infomayo.

Dom’s Legendary Wine Tasting:

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