What Price a Bargain? Durham Indoor Market is full of them.

Looking for a bargain? Maybe some prime meat and fish for the weekend, or the freshest fruit and veg’ available takes your fancy? Sometimes the old ways are the best. In the centre of Durham City, we have a shopper’s paradise that many of us walk past every day without even noticing, and yet the traditional markets are the place to find a bargain and the finest food available.

Durham Indoor Market is a Victorian building that has been newly restored and is an absolute treat. Just walking around, the Market is reminiscent of times gone by but with a 21st Century vigour that is typical of the City and surrounding County.

Traditionally, market stalls tend to be family owned and run independent retail businesses that buy locally and sell at affordable prices, yet how many people compare what is on display there when doing the ‘shop’?

There is something for just about everyone here, fresh crabs to the freshest prime quality meats, shoes to teddy bears, the finest fresh fruit and vegetables to pet foods and requisites. The range of products on sale is amazing, and just like markets of old the smells and the colourful displays are just magnificent. There is even an award winning Bistro, with Wi Fi, so that shoppers can recharge their flagging batteries during a busy shopping trip. And, for those of a certain age they can watch a scene is very reminiscent of years gone by.

Before entering the Indoor Market, established in 1851 to bring fresh food into the City for the benefit of its residents, take a look at the striking Victorian frontage, we forget to look up at our buildings and we miss their structural beauty. This one is a fine example of Victorian architecture worthy of a passing look, like the City it is solid and dependable.

Durham Markets Company has been operating markets in Durham City since 1851. They operate a number of Markets and events throughout the year including Durham City Farmers and Producers Market, Durham Saturday Outdoor Retail Market, and Durham City Christmas Festival on the first weekend in December. In addition, there are Continental Markets, Evening Markets, Sunday and Bank Holiday Markets held in the Market Place, all aimed at bringing the freshest and the very best local produce, and diverse goods, right into the heart of the City.

Take a stroll through the Markets and visit the various events and be amazed at this cornucopia of fine merchandise, and enjoy



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